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<map lat='45.7561' lng='21.2294' zoom='12' view='3' />
Flag of Romania
County: Timiş
Population: 311.586 (2009)
Major roads: none
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Timişoara (/timiˈʃo̯ara/; German: Temeschburg, also Temeswar or Temeschwar, Hungarian: Temesvár, Serbian: Темишвар, Temišvar, Turkish: Tamışvar or Temeşvar) is the third most populous city of Romania and is located in the west of the country.

Hitchhiking out

South (E 70)

Hitchhiking from Timişoara in the direction of Vršac, Serbia it's best to go to the street Calea Sagului. From there it's one hour (60km) to the border. There are regular taxis driving to Moraviţa which do continue to the border. Locals are looking for a pay ride here as well, but if you don't carry a plastic bag but a big bagpack you might be lucky. Some drivers prefer to pick turists for curiosity, they don't ask for money.


For direction Novi Sad you have to take the western road (59A), in the direction of Jimbolia.

North-West Road 6

If you need to go by local roads to the North-west (Sandra, Lovrin or Sampetru Mare, or further) you can use a petrol station which is on Calea Torontalu. Just with a good sign and good luck you will get a ride. Do not renounce to buses that may stop. They may not ask you for money.

East (Deva, Alba Iulia, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca)

You can take bus no 11 from the center to the last station. Right at the bus station, there's an excellent place to hitchhike.