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i'm from budapest, hungary. hungarian, english, speaker, okay with russian, should look for occasions to practice bulgarian.

started hitching in 2006 and totally hooked on it. stopped counting kilometers. got experiences from: most european countries, armenia, cuba, georgia and morocco. lived half a year in the southern part of denmark and did erasmus in bulgaria. i's say my hometown is budapest, however i feel home in bulgaria too - crossed belgrade several times. my longest runs: Paris (France) - Budapest (Hungary) (1500 km), Kleve-Keeken (Germany) - Budapest (1300 km), Budapest - Berlin (Germany) (888 km), Serres (Greece) - Röszke (border of Serbia-Hungary)(990 km).

and oh, i wrote that all 3 years ago. it seems like i'll never get old enough to hitch.

you can check out my travel blog [1], but it's in hungarian, sorry. pictures are nice anyway. you can find me on flickr too.

my login is pite on couchsurfing. usually you are welcome in budapest.