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Deva is a city in Romania.

Hitchhiking out

West towards Timișoara

In order to hitchhike towards Timișoara, go to the main train/bus station. In front of the McDonald's, there is a bus stop which is very popular among locals. Cars are very slow here due to the roundabout, however the competition with locals can be overwhelming. If there are too many people, you may consider walking a few metres and hitchhiking from the nearby petrol station. Helika got a ride from there to Timișoara within 5 minutes. (Don't be confused by the roundabout, at the time we were there, none of the signs read Timișoara, still, hitchhiking next to McDonald's will take you there.)

East towards Sibiu, Brașov

Hitchhiking East usually requires you to get a bit out of the town, as there are two main ways people enter the main motorway that runs both in direction Timișoara and Sibiu or Brașov. If you place yourself in the same spot that gets you to Timișoara, most likely people will make you hand gestures to indicate that you have to go the other way, because the cars that want to go in that direction prefer to enter the highway from the other side.

Hitchhiking in the town itself won't probably get you far, so we caught a taxi from the main train station to a big roundabout where multiple roads connect, in romanian it's called intersection so "Intersecție autostrada la Simeria" (Highway intersection in Simeria, the nearby town) should do the trick if you don't speak romanian.

Once you get there just stay on the side of the road and beware of cars going high speed to get someone that goes into the highway. Once on the side of the roundabout it took us 15 minutes to get a ride