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<map lat='31.541089879585808' lng='-99.2724609375' zoom='5' view='0' float='right'/> Texas is a state of the United States of America. Unfortunately.

Texas is a horrible place to be without a car. Texans are extremely capitalist individualists, especially the ranchers. This means they never need any help and never help anybody. The attitude towards your carless plight in Texas is a curt "fuck you, buddy, you fucked up". Your rides will be mostly with people who are not from Texas, and from Mexicans. Additionally, violent insanity is highly common in Texas, and Texans are obsessed with violent murders and gristly death penalty justice. I don't mean they'll kill you, I just mean they have serial killers on the brain and so even more than in the rest of the U.S., they assume you will kill them. However, Texas is often "too cold to go over, too wet to go under" and so you are hitch-hiking through Texas. Hooray!

Waits can be long in rural areas, and in some parts of the state (such as West Texas), the distance between towns and the high speed limit can mean very long waits. However, in more populous rural areas, short hop rides are fairly available, and lifts from old ladies and volunteer fire chiefs are not uncommon. The casual kindness of Mexicans is your salvation, they'll just throw you in the back of the pickup without a second thought- I think this is because hitchhiking is common in Mexico.

Listen Well Hitchers: (If are or merely look like you could possibly be Hispanic) stay away from the border! Once you get down there, it's quite a nasty deliverance to climb back up far enough for folks to trust you. Let's say keep a ~50-100 mile buffer if you can. As if immigration paranoia weren't enough of a problem, for all people know you might be transporting drugs and unwanted intelligences. There are often border check-points some dozen miles up from the actual crossings that bother folks' consciences who often consider hitchhiking a sort of moral transgression (against capitalism, must be. sheesh. damn straight.).

A note: You can disguise your true colours without falling into blatant complicity with the rampant racism of Texas drivers. Nonetheless, it may be wise, as always, to test the conversational waters gingerly here. There are, of course, raging exceptions.

In El Paso municipality hitching is prohibited.(heh heh, whups) I mean don't worry about it, the cops will just drive on by.


El Paso -> L.A. in a 53' beautiful RV with a phenomenal guy who left asleep in his vehicle with the keys in the ignition overnight in San Diego, after crossing the whole of Texas with unlicensed drivers (who tend, in my experience, to be either excellent or terrible drivers) and a near-three day wait in Laredo. What an awful place.-k