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I got rid of the part that claimed Texas as "more difficult to hitchhike than average" because most people's opinions on here and seem to differ from that. I think that the experience section should speak for itself as to the ease or difficulty of hitching in Texas. Thewindandrain 02:09, 15 March 2012 (CET)

What is the deal with this state? I've read that it is one of the best states to hitch in. At the same time I've read that some foreigners hitching here have gotten into a lot of trouble - check the hospitalityclub forums. Texas is a significant state in terms of linking the south east and south west, so can anyone give info on why people have been arrested, and whether they could have avoided it? Otherwise I will skip this state.

  • I cannot imagine why someone would have been arrested here. I have hitchhiked all over the US and Texas is one of my 5 favorite states. Texas cops have a reputation of being very kind to hitchhikers. Out of all the places I have hitched in, the friendliest cops I ever met were here. Not once in my experience of exploring every region of the state has a cop lied to me or threatened to arrest me. In fact the police here are more likely to give you a ride than anywhere else. I searched hospitalityclub forums and couldn't find what you were talking about. If you pass up Texas you will be going through Oklahoma or Kansas and these are among the four hardest states to hitchhike in and are the two states with the meanest most deceitful cops in the country. Texas is hitchhiking paradise!