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Hitchwiki - we love participation
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Why add hitchhiking info to this wiki?

  • This project uses the Creative Commons ShareAlike Attribution license, a free, copyleft license, implying that anyone can copy, modify or even sell it. And any copy and modification will also be under this license. (So if someone starts selling it, anyone can. So the price will be low, and improvements can easily be put back into this site.)
  • It will be easy to take this information in your favourite portable device running GNU/Linux.
  • It's a wiki, so information is supposed to become more accurate over time.
  • Because you can!

Related projects


As of 2009 Wikitravel uses the same license, so it's possible to copy stuff back and forth. It could be good to add information about hitchhiking to Wikitravel - just to promote the concept to a wider public. Note though that hitching info will get lost in big articles containing a lot of irrelevant information for hitchhikers. Apart from that, a lot of stuff on Wikitravel simply gets deleted. Also note that Wikitravel still doesn't provide a database dump and that is needed to make versions for devices like phones. (Hitchwiki database dumps are available at http://hitchwiki.org/dumps/). Since 2012 much of the editor activity (and a significant amount of the readership) has moved to the non-profit Wikivoyage, a direct competitor with the support of Wikipedia's parent organization (see below).


Wikivoyage is the non-profit alternative to Wikitravel, run by the Wikimedia Foundation (like Wikipedia). Most of Wikitravel's original editors moved to Wikivoyage in 2012 after major commercialization of Wikitravel and dissatisfaction with its management. It is also distributed under the same license as Hitchwiki, so things can be copied back and forth from it too, and it may also be a good place to spread the word about hitchhiking.


Practical hitchhiking info doesn't really fit well into an encyclopedia, but there are some noteworthy articles though, and it's good to spread knowledge about hitchhiking in an encyclopedic way.

Other hitchhiking websites