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Hitchhiker, wander, long-term traveler, remote worker, geography, birdwatcher. I've been hitchhiking on and off over the past decade in Taiwan, North America, and a little bit in Europe, Southeast Asia, and Central America. Haven't counted my rides, but a careful estimate says I've had at least about 100. Highlights have included hitchhiking most of the way from Oregon to the Artic Ocean (Tuktoyaktuk) then across Canada to Toronto (about half with my wife), and hitchhiking solo across the US from Boston to LA (2/3 of the way with an African American, Trump-supporting, bigfoot-believing trucker).

Information on my appearance and personality, for people interested in who's able to get rides: Male hitchhiker, active since my mid-20s, now in my early 30s. From the US, of European descent, with short-ish to medium-length dark hair and sometimes a beard. Usually dressed "neatly" on the road, ranging from clean well-fit T-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops to button-up shirt, khakis, and shoes. Usually traveling with a medium-sized backpack. Body type has ranged from skinny to moderately fit. I occasionally use signs, but usually just stick out my thumb. I find this to work well enough most of the time when the location is carefully chosen. Often hitchhike solo, but have also done it a lot with my wife, and occasionally with other friends. Not the most outgoing person, but usually comfortable enough with managing social situations once I'm already in them.