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Georgia (United States)

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Hitchhiking in Georgia isn't very common, however either because of the novelty or because people are genuinely nice, getting a ride doesn't take very long. Often, the first car you thumb will stop. Even still, it can take a while to get somewhere because most drivers aren't going very long distances. Often just to the next town, unless you are on the interstate. Just be aware that people will use the advantage of having you trapped in their car to "evangelize" to you.

Zactalk hitches short distances on a regular basis to get around and never has a hard time getting where he wants to go.

You may have a hard time getting out of southern Georgia. It is recommended that you ride through this area. Muninn took two days to get a ride from Columbus to Atlanta thumbing on multiple roads, including I-185 itself.

Beware of very high (+100F) temperatures in the summer and intermittent rain. Carry plenty of water.

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TITLE 40 - MOTOR VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC CHAPTER 6 - UNIFORM RULES OF THE ROAD ARTICLE 5 - RIGHTS AND DUTIES OF PEDESTRIANS § 40-6-97 - Pedestrians soliciting rides or business (a) No person shall stand in a roadway for the purpose of soliciting a ride.

According to Georgia State Law as of 2010, Roadway means: That portion of a highway improved, designed, or ordinarily used for vehicular travel, exclusive of the berm or shoulder. In the event a highway includes two or more separate roadways, the term 'roadway' shall refer to any such roadway separately, but not to all such roadways collectively.

Hitchhiking anywhere on the interstate is still illegal for safety reasons, although the law is seldom enforced.


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