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Athens is a vibrant college town in the northeast section of the state Georgia. Athens is known for its prolific music scene, for its nightlife and bar scene, and for being the home of the University of Georgia. Athens is also known as a highly transient town, and, as such, hitchhikers and trainhoppers alike frequently visit.

Hitchhiking out

<map lat='33.95133445208435' lng='-83.39309692382812' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' /> In terms of the best roads to hitchhike in and around Athens, a few stand above the rest.

West toward Atlanta, Lawrenceville

U.S. Highway 78 spans from Atlanta to Augusta, passing directly through Athens, where it becomes Broad Street for a small stretch. Hitching between Athens and Atlanta is easily accomplished on US-78, although it is much more difficult around Augusta due to heavy police presence. Highway 316 provides easy access to Lawrenceville, where it then turns into Interstate 85. Hitchhikers who prefer standing on entrance ramps may find Highway 316 faster than US 78 when traveling to Atlanta.

East towards Augusta, South Carolina

U.S. 78 leaves Athens to the east. A good spot for hitchhiking in this direction is on the eastern edge of town by WalMart. From there hitch a ride towards Washington, GA. From Washington hitch a ride to I-20 in Thomson. At the Thomson exit is a truck stop and fast food. You can ride on I-20 towards Augusta, GA and Columbia, SC.

North towards Commerce, Greenville

U.S. Highway 441 heads north out of Athens towards Commerce, GA, where it intersects with Interstate 85. You can usually catch a north bound ride towards Greenville/Charlotte pretty easily at this entrance ramp.

South towards Milledgeville, Florida

U.S. Highway 441 leaves Athens to the south, taking travelers to Milledgeville and, eventually, to Gainesville (Florida).

There are also a number of quieter rural roads leading into and out of Athens which some hitchhikers may prefer.

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