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About me

I studied in Sherbrooke by the Vermont State Border, before crossing the pond to live in Belgium (Leuven and Brussels) for a few years to complete my studies and currently living in England (Poole / Dorset) where I hitched already a couple of time to London or back to the continent. Worked in Ethiopia in Cooperation for a few months and here I am back in North America

Hitch-hiking experience



Belgium; Netherlands; Germany; Denmark; Sweden; Norway (Finnmark); Finland (including Lapland); Estonia; Latvia; Lithuania; Poland; Czech Republic; France; Switzerland; United Kingdom (England) Montenegro; Kosovo; Serbia; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Macedonia; Albania


Ethiopia; Djibouti

Shittiest experience:

  • Being stuck in a desert between Finnmark and Lappland, freezing and having a flu
  • Taking three days to do Vilnius -> Berlin
  • All the blonde swedish head that just look at you for 2x 6 hours standing by the road

Greatest experience:

  • London -> Brussels within 5h
  • Brussels -> Nordkapp -> Helsinki -> Brussels
  • A ride from Copenhaguen to Paris
  • Hitching from Ulm (Germany) to Barcelona (Spain) with a companion and having the chance to use all our different language skills to catch different rides (German - French - English - Dutch - Estonian - Spanish)
  • Just walking along the road and having someone stop to pick me up simply because of my Canadian flag on my backpack
  • Being invited for dinner and accommodation several times in France
  • Hitching to work in England
  • Nice time in Djibouti


  • Will try to add some more information about Canada, but as well about different place I have a good remembrance of in Europe.

My To-Do List


I'm quite happy to notice that I know personally many of the fellow hitchwiki members, this includes:

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