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Portneuf County is an historic and administrative rural County West of Quebec city in Quebec, Canada. It's boundary sprawled from the shore of the St-Lawrence to the public mountainous land of the Laurentian (Canadian Shield) in the north covering a vast area of about 4000km². It also forms the western limit to the administrative region of Quebec city. This mainly rural county, with a population of about 35000, is a typical 'out of the touristic track' area and this even though it includes some quite majestic natural landscape and townscape. Hitch-hiking between the different localities of this territory is normally easy, especially when the traveller stick to the provincial roads (those having 3 numbers). It should as well be easy to either reach Quebec city or come from there.

Highway A-40 runs through the south of Portneuf County while travelling from Quebec city to Trois-Rivières, the western end of the County mark the halfway between Quebec and Trois-Rivières in your path.

From Quebec city

From Quebec city, there is mainly 2 main road that runs into the county, holding a sign naming of the county's village name will greatly facilitate your quest to get a ride as the majority of inhabitants are commuting to Quebec everyday.

You may therefore ending up catching a ride along the A-40 until the appropriate Exit that will brings you to the village you go to (Boulevard Charest in Quebec).

Or direction North, you might get a ride along 'Boulevard Henri IV' which will leads you into Jacques-Cartier County and further into Portneuf County.

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