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Rovaniemi is a town in northern Finland, the capital of Finnish Lapland.

Hitching out

South toward Kemi, Tornio-Haparanda, Oulu E 75

From the city centre, walk south along the street Valtatie (which is also the north-south highway). Pass the Shell petrol station and the railway tracks, and then hitch from the first bus stop. Waiting times may be long, as most of the traffic is local, but you are in the right place to get a long-distance lift south from drivers coming from Rovaniemi or northern Lapland. -> As of 23/Jun/2019, there's a comment in hitchwiki maps saying that the bus stop is not there anymore. Needs verification.

North towards Inari, Kemijärvi, Ivalo, Russia E 75

You can stand on any of the bus stops on the National Highway 4 (Sodankylantie). One such stop is just before the Santa Claus village - get there by 40min walk from the city centre, by bus 8 (walk back from the Santa village towards town) or by flying reindeer.

North towards Kittilä, Pello, Kolari, Muonio, Kilpisjärvi, Norway E 8

You can stand on the roadside at the beginning of road 79, there is not so much space for cars to stop, and not so much traffic though, but it's the best you can have here. Just after the Artikum (where the bicycle path goes under the 79 towards the river/park) is a more then ok spot. Space enough for cars to stop.

Other useful info

The city library has free wi-fi (ask at the information desk for a username and password) and free toilets.

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