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View of Jyväskylä from the harju observation tower.

Jyväskylä is a city located in Central Finland, 147 km from Tampere and 270 km from Helsinki. There are many students living in Jyväskylä (a third of the total population), leading to some people calling Jyväskylä the "Athens of Finland".

Hitchhiking out

South-west towards Tampere, Turku  9  E 63

There's a pretty good hitch-hiking spot just next to the university's campus called Mattilanniemi. Coming from the centre: follow the street called Kauppakatu (the name changes into Seminaarinkatu and then to Alvar Aallon katu). Turn left to Kramsunkatu. There's a bridge for pedestrians over Rantaväylä to the university campus. Don't cross the bridge but go down the small hill to the "shoulder", the side of the road, of Rantaväylä. Walk a bit closer to the traffic lights.

Another option for south is to take bus 14 or 21 to Muurame; the ticket costs 4,70€ (bus information accurate as of August 2015). Take the ramp to the main road (9, E63), walk less than 1 km in direction Jyväskylä until you'll see a gas station, in front of it there is a bus stop with a huge space to pull over, and cars go slow because of speed limit.

West towards Keuruu, Parkano  23 

For west towards Keuruu it might be smarter to follow the train tracks west to Keuruuntie. Soon after Länsi-Päijänteentie road there's a bus stop. However, there are many bus stops along the road with easy access to hitch west or north west.

East towards Pieksämäki, Varkaus, North-east towards Kuopio, Kajaani, South-east towards Mikkeli, Lappeeranta E 63, South towards Heinola, Lahti, Helsinki E 75

Take bus number 1, 2 or 3 to Vaajakoski. From Vaajakoski you need to walk along Vaajakoskentie (road E75) for roughly 2km - there is a pavement! There is an excellent hitch-hiking spot where cars will be able to see you from a long distance, plus they will be slowing down for a roundabout/traffic circle.

Also by this roundabout/traffic circle is a large ABC gas and service station where you can also ask for rides. It is open 24 hours and also has a small supermarket.

If you are going to take E63 towards Kuopio or Mikkeli, another good option is to get a bus direction to Hankasalmi (I took bus 43) and get off at the bus stop near Leppälahti village. From there cars go a bit fast but they have enough time to see you and enough space to stop. A lot of traffic going in the right direction. I got a ride going to Kuopio in 5 min, but if you are going direction to Mikkeli (as I was), you can just ask the driver to drop you off at the crossroad to Mikkeli and hitchhike from the bus stop there (another just 5 min wait). Also there's a Shell gas station just at that cross.

North towards Oulu E 75

Take the bus 22 or 25 to the Palokka shopping centre (buses 26, 27, 31 36, 37 also go nearby in Palokka). The bus ticket costs 3€ (bus information accurate as of August 2015). There are large supermarkets, furniture and DIY shops as well as an ABC gas station. There is a bus stop on the ramp to the highway which you can safely walk to and cars can safely stop.

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