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Service station Lehrter See Nord
in Lower Saxony at motorway A2 (Germany)
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<map lat='52.388' lng='9.995' zoom='16' view='1'/>
highway crossing ?
Facilities: Self-Service Restaurant, Sanifair, Hotel, T-Mobile HotSpot, Shop
Hitchability: Good.png (good)

Lehrter See Nord is a service station along the German motorway A2, direction west.

Direction Hannover

Usually it is no problem to find lift to Hannover, or lifts which go further than Hannover, even to the Ruhr Area. Quarim always meets other hitchhikers here and was offered rides to Amsterdam and even to London.

Direction A7 (Hildesheim, Hamburg)

It is more difficult to find rides in direction north (Hamburg) (waiting times between 30 and 60 minutes) and even most difficult to find rides to the south (Hildesheim, Kassel, Frankfurt) from here.