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La Barra is a small but popular beach town in Uruguay, about 5 to 10 km east of the Punta del Este peninsula. It's main attraction might be the famous Puente de La Barra bridge and surrounding area, which is a popular spot for surfing and partying (in summer).

User:Platschi made a short video about hitchhiking along the Ruta 10 through La Barra towards Jose Ignacio here.

Hitching Out

A walk through town to its both ends might take about 20 minutes, and one can hitchhiker everywhere as long as there is sufficient space to stop cars. If hitchhiking towards Punta del Este, you might want to cross the above mentioned bridge by foot and hitchhike at the bus stop behind the following roundabout towards peninsula. Traffic is usually plentyful in that direction. To the right, there's also some space to hitchhike along the road towards Maldonado or up to San Carlos / Ruta 9. Though there's a road earlier, on the other side of the river in La Barra, going up to the Ruta 9, it's recommended to try the more populous Maldonado route.

In the other direction, towards Jose Ignacio along Ruta 10, traffic gets sparse pretty fast. You might want to hitchhike towards Laguna Garcon and take the (free!) ferry (Hours daily 8:00h to 18:00h), but expect no more paved road (its still Ruta 10, though) and barely any traffic afterwards towards Rocha.

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