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Heerlen is a city in the Southeast of the Netherlands.

Hitchhiking out

East towards Aachen, Germany (N281 / A76)

Access lanes of the N281 are reasonable spots to start. If driver goes only towards Simpelveld, Bocholtz or Kerkrade, then take the ride and hitch from the motorway junction N281 x A76. You are there 1.5 km from the A76-border petrol station Tienbaan, which is a great spot to find long(er) distance rides towards Berlin or Frankfurt am Main for example.

West towards Maastricht (A79)

At the road Welterlaan, which is the beginning of the A79, there is an Esso petrol station. It is about 150 meters west of the N281. Stand with a sign Maastricht or Maastr. at the beginning of the exit lane to the petrol station. There is a nice, broad strip at the side of the road, and when people stop at the Esso, you can talk to them. Expected waiting time is 5 to 15 minutes.

Tzuiop has used this spot three times, with max. 15 minutes waiting time. Google-Maps Link to the Esso : https://goo.gl/maps/tXDEyvyEeKuULADH8

North West towards Sittard, Eindhoven, Antwerp (N281 / A76)

Unsure of the best place to start, but reasonable places to start are the access lanes of the N281. You may use a sign Eindhoven or Antwerpen, however using a sign Geleen probably gives a ride more quickly to the A76-access lane Geleen / Beek, which is also a good spot to hitchhike further.
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