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Gildehaus is a tiny village in the German Bundesland Lower Saxony, very close to the Dutch border. It's the last village before the border.

Sights are very much limited by a nice Imbiss-Bude near the Schlecker market, and the (unused) train station building.

Hitchhiking out

<map lat='52.298401751549996' lng='7.101631164550781' zoom='13' view='0' float='right' />

East: Oldenzaal (Netherlands), Gronau, West: Bad Bentheim

In the city, there's only one main street (L39 - Hengeloer Straße), going to the Dutch border and towards the city of Bad Bentheim. If you're lost here, just walk to the end of town and stand next to the roads. Maybe a sign saying NL would help, because many Dutch people are living or working in this area.

For going to the highway make a sign with A30, but it's recommended to take the way to the next ramp via Bad Bentheim, because the Gildehaus ramp is more empty and mostly used by industrial traffic.


  • Platschi hitchhiked here on a Sunday evening (8 June 2008), just before the first EURO 2008 match of Germany. No way to get picked up, waited for more than half an hour. A few German cars full with people and some Dutch cars not stopping. Very few traffic in this little village. A sign NL or Gronau would help a lot. Don't try it on sundays here. Nevertheless he made it on time to Enschede to watch the match, just 5min before kick-off.