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Flag of Chad Chad
Language: French, Arabic
Capital: N'Djamena
Population: 10,300,000
Currency: CFA Franc
Hitchability: <rating country='td' />
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Chad is a country in the Sahel, south of Libya, east of Niger and Cameroon, north of the Central African Republic, and west of Sudan. It shares a short border with Nigeria.


If you came over land via Libya, Niger or Nigeria and you haven't been checked and did't get a stamp in your passport, register yourself in the next prefecture to avoid troubles. You need a travel permit for each prefecture you travel in and a visa before you enter the country.


There are landmines in the Tibesti mountains in the north of Chad. There is a high crime rate with road blocks, robbery and kidnapping. If you want to go hitchhiking in Chad, check out additional safety measures. Be careful when you take photos, you need a permission to do this.

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