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Federal state
Country: Flag of Austria Austria
Population: 560.000
Seat: Klagenfurt
Licence Plate: HE, SP, VI, VL, FE, K, KL, VK, WO
Motorways: A 2 A 10 A 11 E 55 E 61E 66

Carinthia (Kärnten in German, Koroška in Slovenian and Carinzia in Italian) is the southernmost state of Austria.

Carinthia borders the state of Salzburg in the north, Styria in the north and the east, Tyrol in the west and Italy and Slovenia in the south. Its capital is Klagenfurt, the second biggest city is Villach.

Hitchhiking out

There are three motorways crossing Carinthia: the A 2, the A 10 and the A 11. There is a big motorway intersection in Villach (Knoten Villach in German).

North towards Salzburg & Germany A 10 E 55

The A10 motorway leads from Villach to Salzburg. Try to get a ride hitchhiking near Villach, for example at the service station between Klagenfurt and Villach. If going north try to get a direct ride to the city of Salzburg or to another service station, if not you might get stuck in a very mountainous and rural region.

East towards Graz, Vienna & Hungary A 2 E 66

The A2 motorway crosses Carinthia from east to west (and vice versa). You can find rides to Graz, Vienna and also Hungary.

South to Ljubljana A 11 E 61

The A11 motorway leads from Villach to the slovene border and continues to the slovene capital Ljubljana.

If staying in Klagenfurt you can also try to hitchhike the Loibl/Ljubelj Pass and continue on the slovene side of the border on the motorway to Ljubljana. There is usually a lot of traffic going in both directions.

Southwest towards Udine, Venice, Trieste A 2 E 55

The A2 motorway, which is crossing Carinthia from east to west, crosses the italian border some 20min after Villach and continues to Udine. During the sommer months there are a lot of people heading southwards to Udine, Venice and the rest of Italy - finding a ride shouldn't be too difficult during this time of the year.

Accommodation and Sleep

If coming to Carinthia without a place to stay, camping is a good option. Wild camping is generally not allowed, though. Ask landowners for permission to camp in their garden, this should usually work.

Carinthia is also quite rural, so you shouldn't face problems to find a quiet spot to camp illegally for a night or two, as long as you don't disturb others. Be careful, in winter it can become very cold: down to -25 degrees celsius.

Other useful info


Free Wi-Fi is available at the main railway station in Villach and Klagenfurt. Also the shopping center Atrium in Villach and the shopping center City Arkaden in Klagenfurt provide free Wi-Fi. On the A10 motorway between Villach and Salzburg there is also free Wi-Fi available at the service station in Feistritz.

Service stations

Check out the page about Crossable rest areas in Austria and this page from the Austrian automobil club with a map about the different motorway service stations in Carinthia (and all of Austria).


You can board local busses in the cities of Klagenfurt and Villach easily without paying a ticket. After 20:00h, however, you have to take the front entrance and you can't dodge the fare. There are not a lot of controls. The fee, if you're caught, is 60€ and a photo to be registered in their database, if you can't or won't provide any valid identification. You could also be reported to the police.