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<map lat='45.466528' lng='12.3' zoom='11' view='0' float='right'/>
Flag of Italy
Population: 269,000
Licence plate: VE
Major roads: A4
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Venice is a city in Italy. The city itself is a collection of islands. You will probably arrive and leave through Mestre.

Getting around

Public transport in Venice centre is extremely overpriced (7,50 for an one-way ticket). No worry, as you can walk almost everywhere excluding the islands (Giudecca, Lido..) to which you have to take a water bus. However you can blackride (quite easy from what we heard, almost no ticket checkings), and hitchhiking private and cargo boats is also possible. Ferries, gondolas, and water taxis will probably not take you. We stood on the bank of Canale Giudecca close to the railway station with a big sign saying "Giudecca" and waved at boats - we got a ride to G. in around 15 mins. On the way back it took us around 1 hour to get a ride, but thats still decent.

Hitchhiking out

Leaving the city can be a drag so better prepare the whole day for that. You can catch a ride from the start of the bridge, but avoid short rides to Mestre. Hitching out of Mestre is really hard, maybe taking a short train ride to better place is the best option. If you arrive by plane at Marco Polo Airport do NOT catch the local bus (lines 5, 15, 45, 45H) inside for €8, walk 10 min and head outside of the airport to this point [[1]] stop name "Tessera Centro". From there you catch the exact same bus for €1.50 buying the ticket from the kiosk in front of the bus stop, right from the hotel (or blackriding).

West towards Verona, Bologna

Take bus 6 to the Via Petro Paleocapa in Marghera, walk to the roundabout, through the Via Cesare Begharia and through the Via de la Ponte on the right. At the very end, there's a path on the right to the AGIP petrol station. It's far from perfect but at its exit you can hitch both people from the petrol station or try to get someone over from the roundabout. Also possible to go east here if you are already in the eastern part (e.g. stayed at Camping Jolly, 500m from there).

Alternatively, you can take a local train from the station in Mestre to Padova for around 2 Euro. It takes 40 minutes and will put you in the center of Padova. From there, see the article on Padova. The petrol station/truck complex is huge and busy, a great place to hitch from in either direction.

East towards Trieste, Udine, Slovenia, Croatia

If you are already in Marghera, see above.

Option 1

Take bus 2 to the last stop, Viale don Sturzo, go to Via Vallon and go to the end of the street where you will find a small path leading to the AGIP fuel station on the motorway [[2]]

You have to go to the end of Via Vallon - it is not a straight street and is not short. It turns, goes under the rails and then goes through fields (you need to walk for about 40 minutes) and finally leads to the highway. Walk about 200 metres along the highway and there is the AGIP station.

Option 2

Going to Trieste was very easy for me and my friend as we just got to Marco Polo Airport by bus number 5 from Piazzale Roma from Venice. It takes just a moment and one way ticket costs 1,5 euro. Just go off the bus on the last stop on Marco Polo Airport and start walking east (when you stand in front of bus stop go left along the street and then through the openair parking) until you reach the roundabout with direction Trieste on the right side. Before the roundabout there's a great spot to stand next to the street and cars can easily stop

Going To Marco Polo Airport

When you go to buy a bus ticket from Venice (Piazelle Roma) to the Marco Polo airport they will charge €8 or €8.50. Instead, ask for a ticket to Tessera, which is one stop before the airport and costs only €1.50 to get on the exact same bus (#5). You can then stay on the bus til the airport if you wish**

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