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<map lat='45.45' lng='11' zoom='11' view='0' float='right'/>
Flag of Italy
Population: 259,000
Licence plate: VR
Major roads: A4, A22
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Yaniv hitching from Trento towards Verona

Verona is a city in the North of Italy. It is close to the famous Lake Garda (Lago di Garda), where many tourists go.

Check the quite well built public transport website in english for any information about lines, timetables as also ticket prices.


East towards Padova, Venice, Trieste and Slovenia

You have (at least) two options from the city:

  • the cheapest but probably slower one: take bus 61 from the centre (1.30€) and try thumbing from the entrance of the motorway (Verona Sud) which is straight some 1-2 km after the bus stop, ask the driver for "casello Verona Sud"
  • the slightly more expensive but probably much faster one: go to Sommacampagna, there's a petrol station (named Bauli like the famous "panettone", christmas sweet) right on the motorway few km west of the city (you can check it better on gmaps, it displays the name). Take from the main railway station the bus to Sommacampagna or Villafranca (should be n°160, not sure though) and get off where the driver will tell you. Turn right from the bus route, then left at the first stop sign, should be about 1km walking, the gas station fence is very easily jumpable.

West towards Brescia, Milano, Torino and France

Didn't try this way yet, though should be easier from the motorway entrance "Verona Nord". Quite near, west of the city, reachable with public transport.

South towards Florence, Bologna, Modena and Rome

Do not take the south gates to the highway! Never! Nobody there goes to one of these directions. On top of that the Italian sun can be pretty tough and there is no shade to hide in there... Finally after 5 hours I was able to find a ride to Modena... --Polski Matematyk

North towards Trento, Bolzano, Austria and Germany

Try to catch lifts from the motorway entrance "Verona Nord", which can be reached via different buses such as 161 (shortest distance to walk), as well as 90 and LN026. You have to jump a gate and get through a fence (which had been partially cut through in April 2018) to reach the toll stations.

Update August 2019: Gate was under CCTV and you can't fully see what's going on. Walked around to the other main road that takes you towards the highway. Can hitch asking for Casello (toll) or telepass. Alternatively, there is a dirt road just off the main road that will take you all the way, need to climb a hill at the end.

Once at the Casello, hold up a sign saying Trento. Once in a car ask to be dropped at the last petrol station before Trento. It can be a very long wait at the toll but you will need to do a trip north in small jumps along the highway. Trento > Brennero > Innsbruck etc. Be sure to hitch in front of the toll otherwise the police tell you to move on, and bring plenty of water. Nothing around in this area and the sun can be brutal.

Other Options

From Peschiera, a place near Lago di Garda (the train from Verona to Peschiera is about 5 euros) it is about 2-3 kilometers walk from the center to the entrance on the highway and you might try hitchiking from there.


There are hills just near the center around Castel San Pietro and probably stealth camping is possible there, but there is also a great camp: They have clean showers separated for men and women, a big terrace with a kitchen and free wi-fi and power outlets. The price is 8 euros per person + 8 euros for a small tent spot (tent not included). The camp is on the hills that overlook Verona, just above Castel San Pietro

Nomadwiki & Trashwiki

Check Nomadwiki for info on accommodation, showers etc. or Trashwiki for dumpsters...and share your wisdom :)

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