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Ancede is a parish in Portugal, belonging to Baião municipality, where the Festança will take place in the summer of 2021.

<map lat='41.1046709' lng='-8.0614156' zoom='10' view='3' />
Flag of Portugal
State: North Portugal
Major roads: A4, N211
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Hitchhiking out

North towards Braga, Vigo, A Coruña

The best way to go North is going through Marco de Canaveses, and from here follow the instructions on this page. Notice that if someone is already going direction Penafiel or Porto, you don't need to get a lift to Marco de Canaveses as an intermediate stop (read the Marco de Canaveses hitchwiki page anyway, because it has valuable info). But if you don't, to reach Marco de Canaveses you can get a lift on this spot, which is about 3km away from Ancede's centre. There is a repsol gas station on this spot, and a cross road, so from here you could get any cars going to Marco de Canaveses or even to Baião (which is a town between Ancede and Marco de Canaveses), where you can easily get a lift to Marco de Canaveses, as many cars drive there.

West towards Porto

Follow the same instructions written in 'North towards Braga, Vigo, A Coruña'.

South towards Aveiro, Lisbon, Algarve

Follow the same instructions written in 'North towards Braga, Vigo, A Coruña'. Then you can check Porto's hitchwiki page.

East towards Vila Real, Spain, France

Follow the same instructions written in 'North towards Braga, Vigo, A Coruña'.

Hitchhiking in

The best way to hitch in is by using the motorway A4 if you are coming from West, South, and East. If you are coming from North take A11, which then will also meet the A4 exit tolls towards Baião. They will merge at the same meeting point - the exit that leads to Marco de Canaveses which has tolls, located about 30 km from Ancede (Baião). As Baião is one of the many towns around, it's likely that you won't find a direct ride, and have to ask drivers to get off to drop you at the tolls and then they can get back to the highway. If you are coming from the west, Porto (from where the drivers coming from south also pass), or from the East, both on the A4, take exit 14 and right after take exit 16 for N211 towards Marco de Canaveses. If you are coming from North using A11 take exit 16 for N211 towards Marco de Canaveses. You shouldn't have much trouble finding a lift from the tolls, as most of the drivers will take the road to Marco de Canaveses or Baião, or will drive through it. If your driver goes to Marco de Canaveses, just ask him to leave you here, so then you catch a lift towards Baião, as there are a lot of cars going out from Marco de Canaveses taking the road to Baião. If your driver is driving directly to Baião ask him to leave you here. From this spot, which is only about 12 km away, you will enter on the road M582, which then will meet the road N321 direction Cinfães, and mostly get a direct lift to Ancede, because even if your driver is not particularly going there, most probably we will take you there. Notice that if your driver is going to Cinfães, just accept the lift, as he will be passing by Ancede.

Places to avoid

Unless you want to visit the area, try not to go in the national roads in the places where you can take the highway, as referred on the upper section. Apart from that, have a great trip!

Accommodation and Sleep

There is a fantastic spot where you can camp in Ancede, which is in the place where the festival Festança - this festival is a 'son' of HicthFest - takes place, in Área de Lazer de Ancede e Ribadouro, which is just here. You don't need to concern, as it is allowed to camp here for free and the park has camping facilities. Really great place. Enjoy!

Other useful info

Ancede is the location of Festança, a stunning out of the box festival that has a strong connection to hitchhiking.