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Vigo is a place in Spain. <map lat='42.2333333' lng='-8.7166667' zoom='13' view='3' float='right' />

Hitchhiking out

Hitching East

The hitch out of Vigo is easy. Go to the coach terminal on the intersection of Avenida de Madrid and Avinida Alcalde Gregorio Espino- keep walking down the hill (Avenida Antonion Palacios towards Ourense) and then slightly up the other side to the big supermarket called the Campos store. It has a bus stop just outside of it that you can hitch from. Even if you just get a lift along that road for five minutes to the petrol station that takes you towards Ourense you will do well.

There is a big truck station before and after Ourense both of which seem good to hitch from.

Madrid, North to Leon

The next good spot is Benavente where you can head to Madrid or can head up north to Leon which will put you on motorway 66 to Oviedo in Asturias.


  • I had great luck with people stopping at even seemingly remote petrol stations to offer lifts. I would suggest not going into Leon if possible because it is harder to hitch from and the road north goes over the mountains and it snows, there are few good spots to hitch and few cars. The only other problem was a trucking trying to get me to have sex with him, but when I said no firmly he backed right off and apologised. --anonymous hitchhiker
  • If you do go right into Leon get onto the ring road. I hitched from an entrance way to the ring road going to Oviedo and was picked up in about 5 mins. (but see the note above about snow!) --anonymous hitchhiker