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A Coruña
<map lat="43.34" lng="-8.39599999999998" zoom="11" view="0" float="right" />
Flag of Spain
State: Galicia
Population: 246.000
Major roads: A6, AC-14, AG-55, AP-9
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A Coruña/La Coruña is a city in Galicia, Spain.

Hitching Out

Towards Santiago de Compostela

Spot on N-550 road next to airport. Bus to Sigras A Pena stop and there is also E.S. Sigras fuel station

Take the bus that goes to the university and get off on Avenida Alfonso Molina when you see a gas station, at the gas station there is also a stoplight. You can go talk to the people at the gas station or stand at the light. The spot is easy and the bus was cheap (less than 2€). It's an urban bus, just find the one that goes towards the university and the stop will be on the right. You get off and walk a tiny bit and you'll see the gas station (probably Repsol).

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