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Hitchhiking to Italy in Switzerland as a part of German hitchhiking race 2010.

Hallo! My name is Mikael Korpela (or nick simison). 5th ape and a little tryhard wannabe vagabond. Usually thinking very positive. I'm also a graphic designer and web-developer. I'm one of the admins/actives behind this Wiki, I wrote most of the finnish edition and did also Maps.

I'm originally from Finland, but I've been living in different countries, in far away lands and around Europe. Currently I consider Vilnius, Lithuania as my base.

I'm sometimes very active with my slightly activist-type of hobbies, but I do enjoy being lazy. People say that I'm a rather easygoing fella.


I've traveled & hitchhiked plenty in Finland and in Baltics.

I've hitchhiked: Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Croatia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malaysia, Laos and Thailand.

Only travelled but not HH'ed: Sweden, Indonesia, Singapore and Japan, Serbia.

Been to Hitchgatherings in Ukraine 2009, Lithuania 2012, Slovakia 2013 and Albania 2014.


Anything you want to know about Finland or Baltics, maybe you are coming to hichhike here? Contact me! I can also do media contacts/interviews. If not myself, I can direct your requests to lots of people from different countries.

Facebook, BeWelcome, CouchSurfing or LinkedIn — don't hesitate to connect if we've met!

I can speak good English and funny Finnish. Oh! And I might act like a Finn. I'm working on that bit... ;-)

The Map

<travelmap countries="de,ee,fi,lt,lv,pl,pt,sk,cz,hu,ro,gb,md,at,es,se,jp,th,it,ua,be,nl,fr,ch,my,la,id,al,ba,me,hr" width="700" description="Countries, where I've travelled. I haven't been in Everywhere, but it's on my list..." />