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Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Rhineland-Palatinate.png
Population: 103,900
Licence plate: TR
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Trier is a historical city in Germany, very close to Luxemburg. It has approximately 100,000 inhabitants. Most of the old town belongs to the UNESCO world heritage, thats also why many tourists come to Trier.

Hitchhiking out

Hitchhiking spot Verteilerkreis in Trier, Germany on a snowy winter day.

East, North, South towards everywhere Bundesautobahn 1 number.svg

A good place is probably the Verteilerkreis in the east of the city, which is a roundabout that connects the local roads with the motorway. From the main station it's about 30 minutes walking, but you can also take bus 1, 30, 85 or 86. The bus stop is called Nells Park. It is a good idea to use a sign at this spot.

If you want to go from the Verteilerkreis via the A1, A48 towards Koblenz you may get a lift to Wittlich, which is before the first service station on the motorway. You can take it, because the ramp in Wittlich is a good place to hitch on.

From Verteilerkreis you have good chances to hitch to Hahn Airport.

West, North (Bitburg, Luxembourg, Belgium)

Take the bus to Fachhochschule and exit at the terminus. There is enough space to place yourself, uphill is the motorway to Luxembourg and the road straight (B 51) is heading to Bitburg.

Boat hitchhiking and Train hopping

You will find a cargo railway station north of Trier in Pfalzel. Maybe you will be lucky here (not tested).

You will notice many Barges on the Mosel River. You may have a chance asking at the watergate. It is on the left Mosel side between the camping side and the industrial area in Zewen. Remember: hitchhiking a barge is very slow. Maybe you can also ask at the small yacht club. It is south of the Watergate.

Public transport

Main market place in Trier


Trier has a good bus network, which will be the first option for getting around. Due to the busses are relatively expensive (€2.40 for a single ticket) walking may be a good option, because Trier isn't this big (you can walk from the very north to the very south in 1 hour).

There is a regular Bus connection to Luxembourg served by Voyages Emile Weber (line 118) which is a cheap option and costs only 7€ for a day ticket which you can also use for the local buses in Luxembourg City.

Trier Verteilerkreis is a stop of the regular bus line between Metz <-> Thionville <-> Luxembourg <-> Trier <-> Hahn Airport. The bus has to be booked in advance at and is quite expensive.


Using the train served by Deutsche Bahn is expensive. From Trier you will find a line to Luxembourg, Koblenz and to Saarbrücken / Kaiserslautern. You will definitely (at least at daytime) be faster hitchhiking than using regional trains.


Wild camping

Your best bet is to walk from the city center to the Mosel river and cross it via one of the bridges. Then walk south and find a hidden place somewhere in the meadows. If you want to hitchhike on to Bitburg, Belgium, Luxembourg the next day you can already approach the hitchhiking spot mentioned above. From there you walk to "Weisshaus Wald" it is the next street to the right and find a place somewhere in the forest (also good place for mushrooming).

Hospitality exchange networks

There are many students living in Trier. So Trier has a great hospitality exchange network community. You will definitely find accommodation via or but it can be difficult during the semester vacations. Maybe you can also try to contact Quarim


In Trier you will find a camping side on the left side of the Mosel River. It is 6,25€ for an adult + 4,30€ for a tent. There is also a camping site in Igel which is 4€ for a tent and 4€ for an adult per night. The camping side in Igel is about 12km from the city center.


There is a youth hostel on the right side of the Mosel river and very close to the city center. You will get a room from €18,40.

There is another Hostel called Hilles Hostel. It is near the train station. The cheapest room is €15.