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<map lat='50.35' lng='7.6' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' />
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Rhineland-Palatinate.png
Population: 102,733 (31 Dec 2006)
Licence plate: KO
Major roads: Bundesautobahn 48 number.svg Bundesautobahn 61 number.svg
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Koblenz is a city in the federal state Rhineland-Palatinate in the west of Germany. Hitchhing to the motorway A3, A61 or A48 from the city center seems to be difficult.

Hitchhiking out

North (Bonn, Cologne)) or South-East (Frankfurt)

You first have to reach the A48 to get towards the A3 (between Frankfurt and Bonn/Cologne). It's better to have a sign so that people know which direction you are going. There is no gaz station between Koblenz and the A3.

Alternatively, you can take bus 340 from the Hauptbahnhof and get down at Koblenz - Rübenach Autohof A 61. Next to the bus stop on the left is Shell Autohof Koblenz Mitternich where there are Subway and Burger King and a big park for trucks which can be a good option. The traffic is partly local but most cars are heading for the A61 on either direction.Taking a position with a sign at the bus stop or speaking directly with drivers both work

South via B9 towards Bingen, Mainz

From the main station you walk south until you reach the end of the town (it is after a bridge). From here it is enough space for cars to stop. The B9 leads all the way down to Bingen and Mainz due to it is no motorway lifts can be shorter than average.

Hitchhiking in

From South (A61, A48)

Hitching in from south (A61) is tough since there are no highway exits close to the city. If you are lucky, your driver switches to the A48 in direction to Bendorf. If he is up for a ~ 5-minutes detour, he may take the exit Koblenz-Nord which brings you on the B9. After a short time, there will be a gas station (Shell). Here you exit B9, take the lane to your right (not the one leading to the gas station), follow it to the end, then left (Friedrich-Mohr-Straße), again to the end, and again left through the underbridge. From there, your driver can easily get back to the highway and you might walk to the city center (~45 minutes).

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