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There are various hitchhiking phrasebooks to be found online. Since this is a wiki we can try to make the best one. A flexible one, where you can assemble your own phrasebook, with the languages you need for your trip.

How to add translations

If you are a speaker of one of those many languages around the globe, and if you want to add the translation of these to this phrasebooks, just go to one of the phrasebook sites, choose your language and click on the “edit” button next to the name of the language. A textbox appears where you can find the phrases in English. Just write the translation behind the sentences, so that later you'll find the English translation next to the interpretation in your language.


External Links

  • Global Vagabond Language Guide - Important phrases for hitchhikers in over 20 languages, including a printable edition of the Hitch-hiking Phrasebook for many European languages.
  • Hitchwiki Phrasebook for Android Important phrases in 20 languages in an offline application for users with Android mobile phones. Developed by Mikael Korpela

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