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I would propose deleting all phrasebooks and starting better ones from scratch. The reasons are:

1.: Wrong collection of words. In Chile I checked South America phrasebook to find common words like ramp. It was missing. Instead I found things like
water / (herbal) tea / hot chocolate / coffee / beer / (red, white) wine / juice / vegetarian / diner / bread / a cheap restaurant / Cheers! / Enjoy your meal! / I’m hungry / thirsty / fine / cold / hot / sick 
This might be useful in general but totally useless for hitchhiking. These can be found in any travel guide, travel dictionary or whatever, and will probably the first words that you'll learn in a foreign country anyway. I think we should totally narrow the phrasebooks down to hitchhiking/road/traffic-related phrases.
2.: Consistency. As far as I can see, not all of them are identically. If they were, anyone could somehow combine them, i.e. make a polish-russian phrasebook or whatever.
My proposal would be, start a list in english, enhance it, discuss it, and once it seems to be 'perfect', everyone can translate it into his mother tongue.
Any thoughts on this?

Couldn't your suggestion be applied on the side so that we keep the current ones until the others are ready? I'd be in for it. --Perilisk 21:30, 8 January 2010 (UTC)