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<map lat='45.40664582074426' lng='11.877250671386719' zoom='11' view='0' float='right'/>
Flag of Italy
Population: 210,800
Licence plate: PD
Major roads: A4, A13
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Padova is a city in the North of Italy, it's an important road spot as there are A4 leading from Trieste to Torino, and A13 leading from Bologna to Padova. Also some important national roads such as SS16 Adriatica, SS47 Valsugana and SS11 Padana Superiore pass through or have origin in Padova.

If you're lucky you can find Tiziano in this city.

Hitchhiking out

South, towards Bologna

[Husky] There is a real good petrol station to the south on teh A13 called San Pelagio Est. From the train station you take bus M to Neroniana neroinane Montegrotto, and walk about five kilometres, following the road. Got a ride under ten minutes, but you should definitely check it out on GMaps before going there.

North, towards Bassano del Grappa, Trento, Dolomites

West, towards Vicenza, Verona, Milano, Torino

One spot where you can head to the West is the petrol station on A4 highway called "Limenella Nord". It's located about 2kms west of Padova Ovest exit along the highway. The petrol station is easy reachable through countryside roads especially by car, or walking near the highway from Padova Ovest heading west, or, coming from Padova city centre, taking number 11 bus and getting off in Ponterotto, then you need to walk along Via Monta until you reach the highway, go under it and follow at first Via Marcinelle then the smaller road to the right which might not have a sign but which on google maps is marked as Via Vasco de Gama till the petrol station along the north side of the highway. One thing to watch out is that the number 11 bus is actually the one going to Ponterotto as there seem to be different routes for this bus which can be confusing to anyone not used to the system. A sure way to find out is to ask the driver or people in the bus station.

East, towards Venezia, Trieste, Slovenia, Austria

The same petrol station mentioned above can be used to get rides going East. The station is huge with a lot of traffic on both sides, including a lot of trucks. There is a long enclosed bridge spanning the motorway with a restaurant inside, connecting the eastbound and westbound sides of the station.