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<map lat='44.26093725039923' lng='-120.5375' zoom='6' view='0' float='right' height='320' width='350'/> Oregon, a state of the US, is great for hitchhiking. No long waiting times, and it's legal to walk on the freeway! Don't hesitate to actually do it, if you can't find a ride on the on-ramp. Lots of people do stop on the freeway. Cops won't harrass you. And even trucks will stop on the on-ramps. Often you will find yourself dropped off at the exact place where you wanted to be.

Try to opt for a ride that will bring you directly- or most of the way- to your destination. While there are many laws that protect hitchhikers in the state of Oregon, the practice of hitchhiking can be somewhat frowned upon in small towns, such as Albany (Oregon), as well as the capital city of Salem, which both have reputations for being fairly conservative places.