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<map lat='45.7053966' lng='-121.5214623' zoom='12' view='0' float='right'/> Hood River is a fine town in the state of Oregon with some familiarity with hitching. Kayakers, snowboarders, hikers, and bicyclists are often hitching around. Since these individuals hold the highest of respect in Hood River society, hitching has a relatively good reputation.

Hitchhiking out

West or East towards Portland or Boise

The exit 64 on-ramp is excellent for hitchhiking in either direction. It is very close to the major gas stations, bridge, and greyhound station. From downtown Hood River, walk across the freeway overpass by exit 63, take a right past the gas station, walk east along the marina, over the foot bridge, and past the greyhound station. You're there. Easy.

South towards Mount Hood

Highway 35 goes south. From Downtown, cross the bridge over the Hood River, and walk a couple dozen yards south along H35 until you find the good sized shoulder on your right. This spot is often frequented by snowboarders looking for a ride to Mount Hood Meadows ski resort.

Public Transport

The means of transportation in Hood River County is the Columbia Area Transit company and its fleet of mini-buses. For a very small fare they will take you pretty much anywhere you want, Monday through Friday, 8am-4:30pm. Their number is (541) 386-4202. Greyhound stops fairly near exit 64. Amtrak stops across the river in Bingen a couple times a day.

Places to Visit

Local Swimming holes on the Hood River, Apple Valley jam producers, Timberline lodge, Panorama Point, Dog River Coffee Company, Double Mountain Brewpub, The Mosier Tunnels bike path, Columbia Art Gallery, the wineries, the event site etc.

Accommodation and Sleep

The cheapest place to sleep is the Columbia River Gorge Hostel just across the river in Bingen, Washington. You'll have to hitch across the bridge, as pedestrians are prohibited from crossing. Wait time is very low.

Other Useful Info

Excellent place for hitching. Summer season is @ april thru oct 15, is sometimes windy but generally VERY nice. In the wet season, it is frequently wet ... like pouring all day and sometimes quite cold and snowy, therefore not much fun hitching.