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Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Bavaria.png
Population: 502,491 (30 Sep 2007)
Licence plate: N
Major roads: A3, A6, A9, A73
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Nürnberg (English: Nuremberg) is a city in Germany.

The cities Erlangen and Fürth are located directly next to Nürnberg.

Hitchhiking out

A9 direction Berlin or München

Go to Raststätte Feucht/Nürnberg (service station). From Nürnberg Hbf (the main train station) you take the S-Bahn to Feucht, where you have to walk through the whole neighbourhood out of the train station walk in direction of "parking" for cycle just after you will find a small patch following the motorway until the entrance trough the wood, at the entrance go on the other side of the road from where the car leaving the motorway are, (you can't access to the service station from the side of the entrance it's not really safe to cross the road after and anyway the cops in the police station will see you from their windows) walk to the motorway pass the first bridge and go down where there is a small stair you can then just walk between the motorway and the train line to the service station.

In the direction Gasthof Brückkanal, after the industrial zone (Obi, Macdonalds) there is a bus (line 678 in the direction of Schwabach Bahnhof, stop: Zeidlersiedlung). Follow the small street in the direction of the Gaststätte, which leads through the forest to the service station. There are stations on both sides, and a tunnel underneath the motorway. Waiting times vary wildly.

This article is based on text from the German language Anarchopedia which is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

A6 Directions East (Prague) and West (Heilbronn, Stuttgart)

Take the U1/11 metro to Langwasser-Süd (southern terminus). From there, walk along Liegnitzer Strasse, and then turn right to Gleiwitzer Strasse. Total walking distance is about 2 km till u will see a bridge in 100 metres after the spot. If you're tired or lazy, you can also start hitching at Liegnitzer/Gleiwitzer crossing, you risk to wait longer though. There's also a bus line going that way, check out the map at the U station. When you go direction Prague, use a sign "Amberg". There will be a petrol station shortly before that city. Also note, that between Amberg and the border there is a gap, where the is unachieved. So it's not a bad idea to wait for someone going across the border at the petrol station. (Since 2009 the autobahn/motorway is finished and there is no gap in between the autobahns). Otherwise you can go with local traffic from Amberg to the border, hitching from one motorway entrance to another. In this case, you're likely to end up at Waidhaus, the last german village before the border. If you were dropped in the village, instead of going back to motorway, you can take local crossing, leading to the town of Rozvadov. Once the other side, cross the town and about a km further will be a motorway entrance with a huge petrol station.