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Malmö is a city in the South West of Sweden. It is very close to Copenhagen.

There are a couple of hostels and the public transport is quite good in the centre.

Hitching out

North(west) towards Göteborg Lund (E6) and Stockholm (E4) (E22) East

<map lat='55.623343816073884' lng='12.915802001953125' zoom='10' view='0' float='right' />

Behind Midhems "McDonalds", Malmö

This is a really good spot to get North. Make a sign (McDonald's or Statoil can provide you with needed material). There are traffic lights just before the motorway-sign at the on-ramp with lots space for cars to stop. Take rides past Helsingborg only - then you will get past the motorway knot E4/E6; you can also accept a ride to the rest area at Glumslöv (which comes before Helsingborg). If you go with the second alternative you should write "Helsingborg" on the sign. You can also ask people outside the service station, some have found that easier. Others prefer hitchhiking with a signs since it will increase your chances of meeting a interesting driver. If you want to go on the E22 you should ask for a lift to Kristianstad. If you´re going to Lund (or Landskrona) you should write the cityname on the sign right away.

Glumslöv-reas area, E6 and E20

It is situated 40 km north of Malmö and is good both for heading north or south. If trying to go south to Denmark this might be the place to change car before you end up inside the big cities of Malmö or Lund. Its possible to reach Glumslöv by train from many cities along the southwest coast.

West towards Copenhagen and Denmark

Walk on Nobelvägen in the direction of Dalaplan and Mobilia shopping center. When you reach Dalaplan, Nobelvägen changes name to Trelleborgsvägen, but continue until next big cross where Trelleborgsvägen meets Stadiongatan. Almost everything exept alcohol is cheaper in Sweden compared to Denmark, so it could be a good idea to eat before you start your journey to Denmark. Malmö is famous for its cheap and tasty falafels and there is a few restaurants along Nobelvägen. On the opposite side of the crossroad Trelleborgsvägen turns into a real highway and many danish cars passing here. User:Liftarkungen prefer to stand on the right side in the beginning of the highway, but there is other alternatives close by. Using a sign is necessery since the highway splits in many directions.