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The people of the state of Idaho are extremely friendly and most have no problem picking up hitchhikers. Be advised however that it is one of the most conservative states in the US and in most areas outside of the capital Boise, people will not pick up anyone who looks at all liberal. The same rules apply here as anywhere, be nice and courteous no matter how absurd the drivers opinions might be. Beware of members from the aryan-nations in the north.



(1) No person shall stand on a highway for the purpose of soliciting a ride.

Based on the definition of highway, it would be very hard to defend your position against an officer who claims you are breaking the law by soliciting a ride within the boundary lines of any "way", therefor avoid cops in this state at all costs! The cops in the southern two thirds of the state can be tricky to avoid. The cops in the northern third of the state (highway 12 and all points north) seem not to mind hitchhikers as much.


People in northern Idaho are friendly and willing to pick up hitchhikers. The southern part is a different story. I have had many a long wait in southern Idaho and am not willing to hitchhike in southern Idaho anymore based on all the bad attention I was getting from state troopers; I feel I narrowly avoided arrest multiple times by feigning ignorance of the laws. Thewindandrain 02:04, 24 March 2012 (CET)


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