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Frankfurt am Main
<map lat='50.11' lng='8.68' zoom='10' view='3' />
Flag of Germany
Coat of arms of Hesse.png
Population: 659,000
Licence plate: F
Major roads: A3, A5, A66, A661, A648
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Frankfurt is a major city in Hesse, Germany. It is an air, rail and road transport hub, so you will find many people travelling out of the city in many different directions.

Hitchhiking out

All directions

Traffic-eye-view of the hitchhiking spot on Theodor-Heuss-Allee.

Perhaps the best spot for getting rides out of Frankfurt in every direction is on the B8, on the start of the Theodor-Heuss-Allee near the centre of the city.

Underneath the “Messeturm” skyscraper is a roundabout connecting Theodor-Heuss-Allee, Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage and Senkenberganlage. Take U-Bahn underground line U4, or Straßenbahn tram lines 16 or 17, and get off at the stop “Festhalle/Messe”. The roundabout should be easily visible.

The spot is a bus stop on the Theodor-Heuss-Allee (see image), about 20 metres after the roundabout. Theodor-Heuss-Allee is the main road without a Straßenbahn tram line following along it. It is the road in the direction A86/A3 (among others), and the bus stop is under a tall hotel.

Traffic is very busy here every day from 7:00 to 20:00. The traffic moves slowly. Although this looks like an almost-perfect hitchhiking spot, it is still in the centre of a large city and so expect a waiting time of 30–60 minutes. There is a reasonable chance of finding other hitchhikers at this spot.

If you prefer not to take public transport, then from the “Hauptbahnhof” central train station walk north for approximately 15 minutes. Look for the dark red Messeturm skyscraper (nickname “The Pencil”, which gives a clue to it's appearance) and walk towards it along the main road. From there, look for the roundabout.

North (Kassel, Hannover) and South (Karlsruhe, Strasbourg, Freiburg) Bundesautobahn 5 number.svg

1st option: Take tram No. 17 from Frankfurt DB main train station until the last stop "Am Rebstockbad". This takes you about 10 minutes. From the final stop "Am Rebstockbad" you can already see the motorway (A648) which interchanges some 700 meter westward on Autobahn A5 (north/soutward). When you arrive at the (eastbound) Esso gas station on the side that leads into Frankfurt - walk westward along the Autobahn and cross at a road bridge 200-300 meters away. Cars that refuel at the opposite (westbound) Esso gas station will in almost every case travel either northward (Kassel, Hannover) or southward (Darmstadt, Basel) on Autobahn A5.

The next gas station (on A5/E451) in northern direction is "Raststätte Wetterau". It is usually a very good spot for long rides. Twice Wukk found a ride after 5 minutes, one straight to Hamburg, one to "Wetterau".

NOTE: User trt tried here in July 2011, and found almost every car was heading west, not North onto the A5. Not an ideal place to hitch North from (But apparently great to hitch west).

2nd option Take suburban train (S-Bahn) S3 (indicating: Darmstadt) to the stop "Erzhausen", leave the station and walk through the town Erzhausen on "Bahnstraße" and "Hauptstraße" westward until you can hear Autobahn A5. To reach Rastanlage Gräfenhausen Ost (northward, direction Kassel and Hannover) on A5 cross the fields lefthand before you reach the Autobahn. Check with GOOGLE-maps before you leave, the way is simple to find but not marked. To reach Rastanlage Gräfenhausen West (southward, direction Karlsruhe and Basel) stay on "Hauptstraße", cross the Autobahn via the bridge, walk lefthand through the forest on "Erzhäuser Weg" until the relais. It takes 50 minutes from the city center of Frankfurt until "Rastanlage Gräfenhausen". There is plenty of long distance traffic 24 hours a day at this spot, a restaurant as well as a small supermarket!

South (Karlsruhe, Strasbourg, Freiburg) Bundesautobahn 5 number.svg

3rd option: Go by subway (U-Bahn) line 6 to the last stop "Heerstraße", continue walking the path along the rail-track on the left side northward. Walk over the fields until the Autobahn and cross via the underpass. You´ll see a small steep footpath on the right. Go there and you are on the new gas-station "Taunusblick" on the A 5. The whole journey takes not more than 25/30 minutes from the city center. Attention: There is no exit or entrance for cars going north on A5/E451. You can only use "Rastanlage Taunusblick" to travel south!

East (Würzburg, Nürnberg, Czech Republic) Bundesautobahn 3 number.svg

<map lat='50.08661105760373' lng='8.706235885620117' zoom='14' view='3' float='right' />

4th option Take subway (U-Bahn) line 1, 2 or 3 from the DB main train station to the final stop "Südbahnhof" (there are also many other ways to reach Südbahnhof = just pick one of them!) Take bus number 30 or 36 from the station to the stop “Sachsenhausen - Hainer Weg”. Bundesstraße 3 ("Babenhäuser Landstraße") is right at the busstop, there is a restarea which you can reach by crossing the road. This is a hitchhiking spot par excellence - lots of cars passing it all the time and it is easy to pull off there. Attention: Think twice if someone offers you a ride to the petrol station nearby, by taking it you will lose this spot and might end up waiting for hours.

NOTE: i was at this spot in July 2010 and im not sure how great it is, one of the workers on the ground behind actually drove us to to the Service station further down the autobahn (which was excellent), because he said he saw a couple wait a whole day for no lifts the week before.

West (Köln, Dortmund) and East (Würzburg, Munich) Bundesautobahn 3 number.svg

5th option To leave Frankfurt in the direction of Cologne or Ruhrgebiet westward - as well as Würzburg, Passau, Vienna or Munich (via Würzburg) eastward you should consider hitchhiking from "Rastanlage Weiskirchen". From Frankfurt DB main train station you should take suburban train (S-Bahn) S1 (indicating: "Rödermark Ober-Roden") to the stop "Weiskirchen". Wander through the town on "Bahnhofstraße", "Schillerstraße" and "Pommernstraße", later through the cropfields first in east- then in northward direction until you can see the Autobahn. There is two sides of "Rastanlage Weiskirchen", north and south. A roadbridge over A3/E42 (east of the station) connects both sides. From Frankfurt you can reach this place in around 60 minutes.

From the airport

Craig stood in front of that traffic sign (waiting times: 10, 40 mins)

There are two good spots at the car park. Go to the arrival level in front of Terminal 1. You can now enter a throughway beneath the brownish Sheraton building that is opposite to Terminal 1 Part C. You should be able to spot the main car park exit. You can follow the cars further down some 100 meters to find a spot in the sunlight. Note that most traffic will go south!

Craig found it easy to get a lift south but rather tough to find a car going in direction north along the A5.

If you're a Frankfurt university student...

...then you probably have a Semesterticket giving you free rides on RMV transport. If you're going long distances, then use your Semesterticket to get yourself as far on your journey as possible! This also applies to anyone with a Hessenticket.

  • For all destinations North eg. , Hamburg, Bremen, Denmark, and East eg. , , , Berlin, Poland, first take a train to Alsfeld, and use the service station near there (journey time 90–120 minutes from Frankfurt, but can be well worth it).
  • For all destinations South eg. , Strasbourg, Switzerland, first take a train to Bickenbach, and use the service station near there (journey time also 90–120 minutes from Frankfurt, not such a wonderful place as Alsfeld but it can still help).


  • Take U-Bahn line U6 or U7 to “Leipziger Straße” to find a cheap selection of market stalls, restaurants, fast food, supermarkets, international callshops, and shops selling small but useful items like knives or umbrellas.
  • Nearby (also U-Bahn line U6 or U7, and Straßenbahn line 16 or 17) is “Bockenheimer Warte”. Here is the university – ask students at the library (“Uni-Bibliothek”) to give you free internet access. The university cafés serve cheap, healthy food and are open to everyone – look young, confident and busy, and you won't have to show a pass to get a student discount.
  • Take Bus 36 from "Konstablerwache" to Adlerflychtplatz. Just next to the Bus-Stop is the "Aroma" an israeli Falaffel Store. For 3.80 you will get the best Falaffel Sandwich in the world. Or at least in Frankfurt.


Many cheap options (1-1.50 EUR per hour) on the streets around Hauptbahnhof.

Public Transport

  • You definitely need a Ticket for Public Transport.

User trt rode the tram in July 2011 and encountered Controllers. They were easily spotted in white shirts, black pants, and some wore grey vests. They also barely glimpsed at the tickets, so a used ticket could easily pass.