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Bickenbach is a small town, but there is a motorway service station nearby which is useful for hitchhikers. If you have a ticket giving you free travel across the RMV transport area in Hesse (a Frankfurt am Main Goethe-Uni Semesterticket, for example) then consider starting a long journey South from Bickenbach. Hitchhiking from Bickenbach is often quicker than trying to find a way out of Frankfurt or other cities.

Getting to Bickenbach

Journey time from Frankfurt: 90-120 minutes.

From Frankfurt, take Regionalbahn 60 to Bickenbach. Get out and walk back to the road which the train just passed under before stopping. This is Bahnhofstraße. Turn left and walk (you are heading West) until you reach a street. This is Sandwiesenstraße. Turn right onto Sandwiesenstraße and walk (you are heading North). You will pass some buildings, some trees and then some fields. The motorway service station is on your left, across a few fields. To get there, keep walking until you find a road to the left (it has limited access to vehicles) which cuts across the fields. Follow it (you are heading West), over a bridge which crosses the motorway, then take the next road on the left and follow it. You have walked to the motorway service station "Alsbach". This walk is about 20-30 minutes long.

The "Alsbach" motorway service station is good for long rides South, especially to Baden-Württemberg, France (Alsace) and Switzerland.