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6-8-10, hitchhiking is...
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6-8-10 (or 6810 or 6/8/10 or 06/08/10) is the proposed title for the third edition of the annual European hitchhiking festival.

The first two editions took place in Paris, France on 08/08/08 and in Odesa, Ukraine on 07/08/09. See 888 and 789 for past discussions and information.

At the moment it's up to the hitchhiker's community to designate a meeting place & country for 2010. Proposals can be done on this wiki page.

Applications-office.png This article is a stub. This means that the information available to us is obviously insufficient. In these places little information is available or the description is severely outdated. If you have been there, whether hitchhiking, for travel or as part of an organized tour − be sure to extend this article!