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European Hitchhikers To Gather In Portugal

For the third time more than a hundred hitchhikers are set to take part in The Third European Hitchhiking Week. After Paris (2008) and Odesa (2009) hitchhikers from all European countries are to meet in Portugal (in Sines) August 6th 2010, and will hitch from all corners of Europe.

The goal of the meeting is to promote hitchhiking. In Western Europe many people think hitchhiking passed away, but this is far from reality for the participants: it is common for many travelers as an adventurous way of traveling and as a personal challenge. It is also seen as a great way to connect with strangers and build trust.

Another goal of this gathering is to unite the community of hitchhikers and to share skills and knowledge about traveling and hitchhiking. Quite some participants travel extensively with lots of road experience while others come hitchhiking for the first time. We see this as a opportunity to exchange our knowledge and best practices.

By gathering in Portugal, participants will travel through Spain, where it is generally harder to hitch, contrary to countries such as Latvia, Germany and Belgium. The hitchhikers made it a mission to change this attitude towards hitchhiking in Spain.

This year is the first time that this gathering not only takes place in Europe, but also in North-America. Hitchhikers are set to meet on the 21th of August in Colorado.

Journalist are free to contact us to receive more information, or to follow some of the hitchhikers while being on the road.

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