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6-8-10, hitchhiking is...
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There are again many slogans we can make. The only guideline is that it has to rime (at least somewhat) to the word ten. Add your idea here.

For inspiration, check here


  • It is the Hitchhikers gathering
  • You'll know when
  • Not just for men
  • Hitchhiking once again
  • We love to hitchhike, amen
  • Hitchhiking is zen
  • We are coming from the Big Ben
  • It won't cost you a yen
  • Don't forget your pen
  • Now and then
  • What's stopping you then
  • The road is zen
  • Yes oui ken!
    • Si oui ken!
+ Means yes yes yes in three different languages (English, French, Hebrew)
  • Next year we will be on CNN
  • Let's stay friendly to the petrolmen
  • Come along with a chicken and hen
  • Next year we will see if we can count past ten
  • I want to hitchhike with Ken
  • Come hitchhiking, meet nice (wo)man
  • I want to ride with a comedienne
  • Over and over again
  • Once again
  • We hitchhike for freedome and zen
  • We hitchhike for Peace and zen (to be continued)
  • Don´t give money to the petrolmen
  • makes you feel freedome again
or just: makes you feel free again
  • Don't be so mad as a wet hen!
  • Tri, du, unu, ek!
means "three, two, one, go!" in Esperanto and rhymes with 6-8-10 (read: "ses-ok-dek")
  • Take me, Spanish caravan, yes I know you can
from the song "Spanish Caravan" by the Doors