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6-8-10 (or 6810 or 6/8/10 or 06/08/10) is the proposed title for the third edition of the annual European hitchhiking festival.

The European hitchhiking festival took place in Sines, Portugal with approximately 80 participants participating.

The first two editions took place in Paris, France on 08/08/08 and in Odesa, Ukraine on 07/08/09. See 888 and 789 for past discussions and information.


Latest News


We know that we're going to Portugal. The exact spot will be Parque de Campismo de Sines in Sines. Here is the summary of what we have and what we know about it.


Casa Amarela


Within the city limits of Lisboa. Concrete landscape.

The operators of the place are fine with the idea.

Good: Big enough, good for promotion in Lisbon.

Bad: They might get kicked out by the police until 8910. Very hot! Not in the nature.



  • Location at a windmill with forest/field, 3-4 km to the beach
  • Probably camping at the beach
  • Positive: water available, support from friendly locals
  • Negative: little shadow available, having to walk 3-4 km between the two spots


map Parque de Campismo de Sines

  • little village at the seaside, 160 km south of Lisbon
  • camping in the heart of town possible, though probably not admitted
  • Positive: active support from locals who offered to mediate with the city hall. BBQ, shadow, showers, toilets, next to the beach, good promotion opportunities after a world music festival that takes place there at the end on July.
  • Negative: need to be decided what strategy to adopt with regards to local authorities:

option1- we ask for permission to the camping owners (the city municipal county) option 2- we just go there and we stay for 3 days with the risk that facilies are closed.