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Flag of United Kingdom
United Kingdom
State: West Midlands
Population: 249,500
Major roads: M 6 M 54
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Wolverhampton is a city in England. It is served by two motorways. The M 6, which runs North to South-East (towards nearby Birmingham). As well as the M 54, Which only runs West towards Telford.

Hitchhiking Out

South-East towards London or Birmingham, North towards Manchester, West towards Telford, Wales

Take the #70 bus from the city centre towards Cheslyn Hay, and walk 20 minutes along Warstone Road towards Hilton Lane. From there, you can walk to the huge Hilton Park Services, directly on the M 6.

Public Transport

There are many buses from the central bus station. Destined for towns all over Staffordshire and the West Midlands. There is the adjacent train station (most heading to the huge New Street station in Birmingham, with trains heading all over the UK). As well as a single tram line towards Birmingham.

Places to Visit

There are a few clubs around the City Center, frequented by students during term-time.

The Civic and Wulfrun halls host many great concerts from all genres of music and comedy.

Himley Hall and park are 20 minutes by bus.

Dudley Zoo and Castle is 30 minutes away by bus (the castle is gorgeous, the zoo is abysmal).

Not being a tourist city, Wolverhampton does not have much to offer.

Places to Avoid

Several high crime, working class suburbs surround Wolverhampton. Among them Compton, Blakenhall and several in the neighbouring town of Dudley. The city itself is not safe at night.

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