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Wad Madani is a city in Central Sudan. It is the capital of Gezira State in the centre of Sudan's agricultural heart land. Wad Madani lies approximately 200 kilometres south of Khartoum on the Blue Nile.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Khartoum

Take a bus to the main long-distance bus station in the north of the city and walk north towards the Khartoum - Wad Madani highway. Continue walking north along the highway until you pass the turn-off to Gedaref. Start to hitchhike from there. There will be many people looking for a ride though.

East towards Gedaref, Kassala

Take a bus to the main long-distance bus station and walk from there to the point, where the road to Gedaref splits. You can start hitchhiking from here. If can't find a ride from here, walk 2 kilometres down the road towards the Nile. You will find a roundabout before the bridge, try hitchhiking from there.