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Gedaref is a city in Eastern Sudan. It is the last major town between Khartoum and the Ethiopian border and also situated half-way between Wad Madani and Kassala.

Hitchhiking out

North-East towards Kassala

The Wad Madani - Kassala road encircles the city to the north. You can reach it by foot from the city center, which is approximately 5 kilometres away. Follow the eastern-most main road out of the city and you will eventually end up at the Wad Madani - Kassala road, opposite a petrol station and a truck stop. It should be fairly easy to get a ride into the direction of Kassala from here, many locals are looking for a ride from there as well.

Accommodation and Sleep

There are several cheap lokandas in the city's main souq (marketplace). Accomodation there should not be more than 35 SDG. Alternatively, you could try camping at the outskirts of the city.