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Viljandi is a city in Estonia.

It is the sixth biggest town of Estonia, with a population of about 20,000. Everything is in walking distance.

Hitchhiking out

Northwest towards Tallinn

Take the Tallinna street (main street) from centre, walk along it and hitch.

West towards Kilingi-Nõmme, Pärnu

Walk along Vaksali street, after passing graveyard Vaksali street will turn left, you keep going straight along Pärnu maantee street. Soon you will reach a roundabout, hitch at the exit on opposite side of the roundabout.

East towards Tartu

Walk along Uus or Jakobsoni street (paralel streets), soon these streets merge into one Tartu street which goes downhill. Once the houses end start hitching. Or walk few hundred meters more, past the two roads which turn right, because a lot of traffic will go to these two undesired directions.