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<map lat='58.371' lng='24.530' zoom='12' view='0' float='right'/> Pärnu is a small town in the south of Estonia - ca. 80 km from the border with Latvia.

Hitching in and around

Pärnu is a long coastal city with no ring road, so it is difficult and time-consuming to continue hitchhiking on the Via Baltica if you are dropped off at one end of the city or the other. If your driver will stop in Pärnu, try asking him to take you to the right exit for your onward route. Otherwise, you can take public transportation. Bus 19 runs between the north end of the city (Tallinn road) and the centre. Bus 40 runs between the south end of the city (Riga road) and the centre.

Hitchhiking out

North towards Tallinn E 67

Take bus 19 from the centre to bus-stop Vingiküla and then walk back 200m to Olerex petrol station; or walk 3kms north from the centre along Tallinna maantee until you reach the intersection with the Pärnu bypass (A4 (E67)) and the petrol station. Here, you can either ask drivers filling up or at the station's parking, or stand at the exit from the station on the A4 (E67) heading north.

South towards Riga E 67

There are two good places in Pärnu for hitchhiking south towards Riga. If your location is near bus station or somewhere in northern part of Pärnu, walking through whole town is not a good idea. Rather going to Ehitajate tee where go cars straight south, not entering the city. Road is wide therefore comfortable for drivers to stop.

If you're in southern part of Pärnu, try to go through the town and wait behind the crossing to Sindi. Before this crossing is also a petrol station. Try to get a direct hitch to the border or further - no more good spots except a petrol station 20 km before the border, open 24 hours open and heaps of trucks, great for cold winter and late night hitches!

  • There are really two crossings that lead to Sindi. Not sure which one the previous paragraph refers to but your best bet is to walk to the further one which is after the city road and the highway meet up. No gas station here but there is a bus stop just after the light and plenty of space for even a truck to pull over.

Another option would be to stand at the traffic light where the city road meets the highway. No space for cars to pull over but the traffic light is of decent length and if you don't have a lot of stuff you could just walk past the waiting cars with a sign.

East towards Tartu, Viljandi

Hitch in the direction of Riga, but turn east at the Uulu crossroads some 8 km south of Pärnu.

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