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I've started hitchhiking a year ago, dec 24th 2007. Because i felt an urge, because life was not possible without it anymore... Since then, I've hitched from Antalya to Brno, for example... I mostly hitchhike alone, it's fine most of the time, most of the time I'm not afraid... Although, for the first time last month, I did invent a boyfriend and a desire for a family and stable life.
Girls, go read this guide to hitchhiking for girls, for example!

Best ride ever: maybe the one to Fethiye with James, the guy toured us around, brought us to another historical site, fed us traditional turkish food and got us drunk on Raki, then brought us to a heavenly beach so we could sleep there... Jaymes did smile for real, on that picture...
Worst ever: i do not count the times when I'm more or less directly asked about sex anymore.
Fastest: a direct ride from the bus stop out of Vienna to my town in Czech Republic, 3 minutes walk from my door... and the guy spoke a language i speak!
Slowest: 5 hours (and 3 policemen) from Zagreb to the north Croatian border (to Maribor)...
Funny ones: they already were six in the car, but oh, whatever, then we were 8 with 2 big backpacks. They were mussels sellers, so we ended up on the turkish coast somewhere, with a handful of not-so-fresh and supposedly ready to eat mussels. Or maybe the one with the Polish truckdriver, when we sang Jozin z Bazin together...?

anyway, if you re hitchhiking somewhere, from somewhere in Europe, let me know, i may join you! I have loads of free time this year.

Of course, I have HospitalityClub (member: stupidfrog) and CouchSurfing (member: stupidfrog) accounts! Oh, and for me, dumpster diving is the perfect companion to hitchhiking. Go check trashwiki!