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<map lat='36.639773979496574' lng='29.112396240234375' zoom='11' view='0' float='right' />
Flag of Turkey
State: Muğla (Province)
Population: 50,000
Licence plate: 48
Major roads: D400
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Fethiye is a touristic destination on the south coast of Turkey relatively close to Antalya.

Roads around Fethiye are generally good but be aware that most roads turn and twirl around the mountains and sea edges and drivers tend to drive somewhat carelessly. Generally the people who pick you up are Turkish either from the area or people on holidays. You will find that quite a few people do speak some English or German and are generally very eager to help.

Hitchhiking out

During summer time or high tourist season there is a lot of traffic all along the south coast between Antalya and Izmir. There is no problem to get in and out of Fethiye in any direction since there is a lot of traffic. You should aim to get to the national main-road D400 either on Dolmuş or hitchhiking away from the center of the city following the signs for Muğla or Antalya. If you wish to get a Dolmuş, then your best bet is to take one heading towards Yanniklar, then get off once you hit the D400.

If hitching on the small road towards Oludeniz, be aware that the last bit of town near the Lycean graves is a bit dodgy. Zenit and three friends met some fairly aggressive young guys and things might have turned nasty if the perfect ride hadn't showed up right in that moment.


The big swiss supermarket centered in this map (http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=17/36.62437/29.12521) has fruitful dumpsters just behind the building. Some days there is nothing, some days you will find 3 cakes. There are really good dumpsters next to Orasta Mall, too, and good table diving inside.
There are markets in several places in town, go there after they clear up and before the garbage collection arrives, or before clearout if you speak turkish ;)