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the place where I stood almost a day without seeing a car
hitching out of Ankara in August 2009

I am a hitchhiker, teacher, noisy beer drinker and sometimes annoying blabbermouth and can mither you in German, English, and more or less in French and Russian.


After several year of Groundhopping and train travelling, I found out at the age of 20 that hitchhiking is just the best way to get arround and gives the best balance between adventure, cheap travelling and reliability. Till today, I hitchhiked more than 100.000 kilometers. Today I work as a teacher, and don´t have regulary time for hitchhiking anymore....

First step

12.05.2005, 8 o´clock in the morning, petrol station Illertal. Destination was Hamburg, where I planed to be the next evening. In the end I reached Hannover in the evening, together with two other hitchhiking-girls, which invited me to sleep at their friends flat. Nobody told me hitchhiking is that fast...


Apart from other countries, where I used other forms of transport, I hitchhiked in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Transnistria, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, India, Turkey, Oman, UAE, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Abchasia

Planed trips

Hitching throug the whole American continent one day.......don´t know if that will come true......


Lonest lift (distance): Loukhi (North-west Russia) - Novgorod (1200 km)

Longest lift (time): 3,5 days with a geological expedition in Yakutia

Longest waiting time: 18 hours without passing cars in Raswilka, northeast Siberia

Longest non stop hitching: Kellmünz a.d. Iller (D) - Utsjoki (FIN) (3.300 km) in 79 hours

Maximum speed: more than 260 km/h during a race against another car between Dubai and al-Ain in 2006

Minimum speed: 6 hours at 35 km/h in an indian truck between Mumbai and Ahmedabad.