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I am User:QuéSéYo2, currently based in Europe. I have hitchhiked in New Zealand, Germany, Ecuador, Central America, Mexico, Portugal, and the Azores so far, the first time at age 16 from Paihia to the glow worm caves near Waiomio. I come from a hitchhiking family. My parents spent many of their holidays hitchhiking around Europe when they were younger, going as far as Romania. My brother hitchhiked to the North Cape and back... My longest ride was with a truck from Chinandega, Nicaragua, via Honduras and El Salvador to Guatemala City, Guatemala, where I then spent the night sleeping in the truck and had dinner at the driver's home. Hitchhiking has almost always been a nice experience, but it definitely helps to have some information beforehand. I found when looking for a good spot to get out of Berlin and made it in one day to Switzerland from there, thanks to the helpful information here. This was actually the first time I met other hitchhikers on the road (who knew about the spot through the internet as well), and even got a ride together with one of them. I like hitchhiking and think it should become more popular because it works, it's good for the environment, you get to know interesting people that you would have never met otherwise, and well, if you don't have much money to spend...Go hitchhiking! On Hitchwiki I'm trying to help with geographical areas that aren't covered yet and where I've got some personal experience. The Azores were my first project, but then I discovered that Mexico needed more information and especially more pages. There were only about 10 for the whole country. When I was travelling in Mexico I felt that people there have a strong regional identity, so I started to expand existing articles on Mexican states (e.g. Campeche, Yucatán), which are obviously also helpful for geographic orientation, reading license plates, and asking around. I went on to start new articles on the missing states until completing that task (Sinaloa was the last one). My favourite spot in Mexico was in Baja California Sur, where I waited in the middle of the desert to go to see some ancient cave paintings near a little village called San Francisco. That place was so remote, until recently you could only go by horse. However, now the Mexican state paid to build a nice highway (at least it seems so in the beginning) for the 500 people living in the Sierra, so yes, you can hitchhike there!